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As a homeowner, fencing is an important decision that impacts your yard, family and lifestyle. However, with fencing options aplenty, the decision-making process can become overwhelming. Likewise, learning the importance and the know-how of maintaining your fence can help you prolong its life and beauty. For these and many other reasons, F. S. Dhaliwal Fencing Ltd. aims to become your go-to resource for seeking answers to all your fencing queries. 


F. S. Dhaliwal Fencing Ltd. is a reliable fencing contractor in Abbotsford and the surrounding regions. We provide complete commercial and residential fencing services and perform the installation of all types and sizes of fencing. In case you have any questions or need services, feel free to contact us.

Let’s Discuss Your Fencing Needs

Trust our experienced contractors to provide you with professional guidance and a rough estimate on your next fencing project.

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